Sydney, Australia

We were in Sydney for five nights.  It is our only stop in Australia.  Sydney is similar to many other large international cities, but like all other cities, has its unique features.  After being in Peru and South Africa we were surprised how comfortable the locals were with leaving their cell phone on the table or their bag hanging on the chair.

The first photo is of the famous Sydney Opera House (there is a Lego set) with a cruise ship that we have previously been on leaving the harbor.  The last is at Bondi Beach; it is mid spring here in this part of the world and it was about 80 degrees that day.

One of the striking differences in Sydney was how fashionable (smart in their version of English) many were dressed.  Many men had suits and the women were dressed straight out of the fashion magazines, including fashionable shoes.  The photo with the mom and child show an example.  I often wondered who wore all those fancy clothes - now I know - the ladies in Sydney wear them.