Cape Town townships

We are back from the more rural parts of South Africa so I have good enough internet to catch up on my thoughts and the pictures from South Africa.

The townships are the outlying areas around the cities of South Africa where the blacks were settled before and during apartheid.  I will have a separate post about apartheid.  For now, note that it has the word "apart" as it was a policy of the white minority in SA to keep the races apart in every way.  Even though apartheid ended in 1994, the economic situations of many blacks is still very poor and many of the townships are what we would call slums.  

The townships of Cape Town have developed unique methods of survival as the unemployment rate is near 100%.  The first picture is of a group of widowed women who take the sheep heads from the slaughter houses, burn the wool off, boil the heads and then sell the little bit of meat on the sheep face to their neighbors.  You have to see to believe.  I am sure there are entire books on life in these townships and I cannot begin to describe it.

There are about 15 people that live in each of the rooms shown in the last picture.  We were able to get these pictures because we were on a guided tour.  It would be very unsafe for a tourist to go there without a local guide.