What am I packing for a 6 month trip?

One of the things I enjoy from other blogs is reading about what people pack for long trips and still travel light.  So I thought I would share what I am packing.

First the basic clothes, almost all of which are travel specific in that they are light weight and quick drying.

  • Three pairs of long pants and one pair of shorts
  • Three t-shirts, one of which I use as a sleep shirt
  • Two short sleeve and two long sleeve button shirts
  • Six pairs of underwear; t-tank undershirt; three bras; 5 pair socks
  • One pair silk long underwear pants
  • One each waterproof windbreaker and long sleeve sweater
  • Two bathing suits, not shown

This is pretty much what I have packed on my last several trips to warm climates. For this trip, I have added some warmer layers since we will be in a wider variety of climates:

I added a medium weight fleece jacket, hat and gloves, artificial down vest and thermal top and bottoms.  Those who know me know that I really don't like being cold. Now for the accessories:

Large "pashmina" ; medium neck scarf and small bandana, all color coordinated with my clothes 

Large "pashmina" ; medium neck scarf and small bandana, all color coordinated with my clothes 

The pashmina is synthetic, not wool which I carry most of the time to use as extra warmth in planes, trains and other overly air-conditioned spaces.  I use the neck scarf to dress up an outfit and use as a head scarf in temples or mosques.  The bandana is a new addition which I will use as a dust mask or accessory.  

The washcloth is a souvenir from Japan and is another thing I always carry since many places do not provide paper towels in rest rooms.  My jewelry consists of one pair of earrings, one multicolored wooden necklace and a bracelet.  Joe is always interested in buying me more bracelets along the way.

A future post will cover my shoes, cosmetics and miscellaneous.