The Myan Pyramids at Uxmal

We took a tour to see the Pyramids at Uxmal (pronounced Ushmal).  They were built around 1100 A.C.E. but were abandoned and taken over by the jungle before the Spanish arrived in Mexico.  They were then re-discovered by the Spanish.  Unlike other Myan sites, the archeologists do not think that humans were sacrificed at this site.  We drove through a modern Myan village where some of the families still choose to live in open adobe houses with thatched roofs and their religion is a hybrid of their original traditions and Catholicism.

Thanks to Kristi and Jeff for recommending that we visit this site.

The picture of the iguana is in honor of Stella and Taylor chasing lizards in Maui.  Our tour included an evening light show.

We are taking it easy for a day and then taking another tour to see a traditional sisal Hacienda and swim in a cenote.