Trujillo, Peru

We fly to North Peru tomorrow (Saturday).  Here are pictures from our day of visiting the pre-Incan civilizations around Trujillo.  Most are from the Chimu people who came into power around 600 AD and lasted until the Inca's conquered them right before the Spanish arrived.

We are amazed that there are not more foreign tourists that come to see these ruins and related museums.  They truly rival Egypt.  What also makes them fascinating is that the archeology is in process such that the new finds are not on display yet because they are still in the labs being analyzed.  And there are new finds all the time, with them being opened to tourists as they are ready and have the funding.  Coming to Peru and seeing only Machu Picchu is really a shame.

Keep in mind these are adobe structures 1800 to 700 years old.  The colors on the photos are original, not restored.  Since these are the first adobe ruins that are this old, the archeologists are still figuring out the best way to preserve and restore them, especially since climate change is expected to bring more rain than normal to this area.

The last photo is the Peruvian hairless dog.