Hotels on points in Asia January 2016

Club Carlson had a great deal if you had the credit card.  They have eliminated the perk, but the deal was I used for many of the hotel nights on this trip as follows:

  • Raddison Blu downtown Dubai - free credit card night
  • Phuket, Thailand - 5 nights, 2 on points, one paid night and then 2 more with points.
  • Bangkok, Thailand - 7 nights - 6 on points one paid night.

The other nights on this trip using points and credit cards was:

  • Holiday Inn Resort - 5,000 points a night (you can regularly buy 5,000 points for $35) at a beautiful 4 star resort.  Yes, internationally Holiday Inns can be very good.
  • Intercontinental Hong Kong (one of the best hotels in Hong Kong)- 1 night on a credit card free night, one night on points and 2 free nights from a promotion they had.
  • Both Holiday Inn and Intercontinental are part of IHG and all of these deals would still work. 
  • Four nights in Bali at an over the top splurge in a private villa.  The 4th night was free by using my Citi Prestige Card.